Anatomic Fashion Friday: Socks Anatomy

Here are some spiffy socks by design guru, Anton Repponen. Now getting that dreaded x-mas gift of socks can actually be awesome!

[via designyoutrust]



8 thoughts on “Anatomic Fashion Friday: Socks Anatomy”

  1. Awesome socks, I do a bit of shirt design as a hobby, and I think you just gave me some ideas. Too cool!

  2. These have to be the best anatomical socks I’ve seen yet. And unfortunately they don’t seem to be for sale. Maybe with enough positive feedback, we can encourage the designer to actually produce them!

  3. I also love new socks…and also argyle ones. I couldn’t find these on the website. I assume they are just a graphic design project, not an actual product to purchase….am I wrong?

  4. My mother has a sock fetish and insists on getting me a pair for every holiday. I think that even with her love of socks, she would disapprove of these ones. She was never the anatomy loving type. Me on the other hand…I really want these!

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