January 2009

Fantazma Gloria

Biddy Maroney grew up with an awesomely nerdy father who collected comics, animations, film posters and listened to Moog music, and this has been an influence on her work. Over the past three years most of her work has been for the music industry, and she has designed album covers… Read More »Fantazma Gloria

Hand-carved Anatomical Heart

Here is a pretty nice work by Flickr user RustedDesigns. I like how he carved the piece of wood, and the red ink makes some cool effect on the heart. He also used the model for block printing (but the image was reversed).    

Pandor Absinthe

The Pandor Absinthe will make you discover the wild and soft sensations emanating from this once, forgotten plant. Its alcohol level and its flavor will allow you to taste it at a fresh temperature but also in cocktails as well as mixed with soft drinks or on the rocks mixed… Read More »Pandor Absinthe

PS2 Bodies

Now this is a party!  Ad agency TBWA, Paris, France created this awesome campaign for PlayStation 2. I think the photography/art direction is extremely bizarre in a beautiful way.  Wish I had these games when I was a kid, though Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders rocked to me… [via… Read More »PS2 Bodies

Shu Konishi

These amazing, beautiful, bizarre, and haunting sculptures were made by the talented Shu Konishi. He has a wealth of anatomical works on his website, with an emphasis on using the female torso as the subject. A more complete index of these works can be seen on his website. [via Farbik via Acidolatte Blogspot]… Read More »Shu Konishi

The Economist: Brain Ad

I really love this ad, it’s very creative. The advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather created a big brain using just a pile of numbers of “The Economist”, representing the idea of efficiency and the brainy process behind each article they published. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore [via AdsOfTheWorld]  … Read More »The Economist: Brain Ad


“Bio-Cycle” (February 2008) is a metal sculpture by Jud Turner. It was created for “Different Spokes” invitational sculpture show in Salem, OR 5-2008, using welded steel, found objects and mixed media. He really combined the form of the bicycle with the anatomy of the cyclist, making them one single aerodynamic… Read More »Bio-Cycle

Strength for your Hair

  Beautifully executed ads for Bayer Priorin by ad ageny JWT, Franfurt, Germany. I love when ads need little-to-no copy to get the idea across.  Very well done! [Found via adsoftheworld]    

Nomadical Boards

There seems to be quite a trend right now of putting anatomical art on skateboards and snowboards and I love it.  But I have never seen any boards quite as beautiful as these made by Robyn Roth.  Her portfolio site, Nomadical, is full of gorgeous paintings that often contain an… Read More »Nomadical Boards

Anatomical Stencils

skeletonandkey Spine Stencil Cutout detail

Human Spine Detail: Lumbar vertebrae Skeleton torso Gorgeous human anatomy stencils by flickr user skeletonandkey. See all the details and the precision in her work, she really has a very good pulse! Inspired by victorian design, medical illustration, anatomy, dear friends & loves, the idea/existence/lack of time, steampunk aesthetics, simplistic… Read More »Anatomical Stencils

Anatomical UV Tattoos

In normal light. In both lights. All black light. This is awesome! It’s like having x-ray vision, and for sure the craziest thing I’ve seen in a while! See more here. Black light tattoos use a UV-reactive tattoo ink that can be seen under a black light but are invisible… Read More »Anatomical UV Tattoos

Jim: Skullgallery

Jiminy Crickets!! This is awesome!! These amazing skulls were made by skull artist, Jim. He has several series of them, all colors and textures, so be sure to check out his whole collection on his site, jim-skullgallery.com! [via designyoutrust via fabrikproject]