Submitted by Kevin, who tries to record significant life events with art.  He planned this heart tattoo while in the ICU recovering from surgery.

This is 4 months post surgery, a septal myectomy to deal with (HCM) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.


Muscle arm tattoo submitted by Dillon.

I asked Dillon why he got an anatomical tattoo and here’s what he said,

Only two reasons really..1 because its different and I’ve only seen a few of them on the net and none in person…and 2 it just looks cool.

Simple and too the point.


This intricate tattoo was submitted by Heather Whiteside.

The tattoo was done from an original design, based on research of Anatomical Venus type Wax Anatomy Models—thanks to your blog as a starting place. It was reworked a bit and inked by Greg Ross at Blue Rose Tattoo in Huntsville, Alabama.Oh, I got the two artists in the shop, Greg and Laura, to witness my signature on the Body Donor form. I’m ready now to actually send it off and register with the University of Alabama- Birmingham’s anatomical gift program.I wonder what the furture medical students or researchers will make of the tattoos on my body?