Anatomy Related Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

I know that we’re in the midst of the holiday season, but if you’re struggling trying to find some unique gifts for your friends, family, or radiologist, browse through the anatomy inspired gifts below.  I’ve only selected the most well designed/illustrated/crafted products out of all the anatomical presents out there.  And if my friends/co-workers are reading this…hint hint.

X-Ray: See Through the World Around You

Gorgeous book by award-winning photographer, Nick Veasey.

Using security scanners and x-ray machines, Nick Veasey creates beautiful, unsettling, inside-out images that reveal—like never before—the intricacy of everyday objects, animals, and plants. Whether the spectacle of an x-rayed Boeing 777, the elaborate geometry of an mp3 player’s circuit boards, or the ethereal grace of a translucent daffodil, each page of this book is an absorbing work of art.

$26.37 at


Bauhaus Skull Crew Sweatshirt

Designed by Todd St. John for the Quiet Life.  4-color silkscreen on 100% cotton. Perfect for the snooty designer.  Spotted by Jen von Glahn.

Wearing can instantly disarm any high-minded design discussion.

$56.00 at the Igloo Store.


Ab Imo Pectore Pendant

“From the Bottom of My Heart.” Handmade from sterling silver by Melanie Favreau.  I bought one myself a few weeks ago and love it.  Definitely a unique piece of jewelry.

$40.00 at



On June 4th, 2007 Noah Scalin committed himself to “making a skull image every day for a year.”  He succeeded and now his blog, aptly named Skull-a-Day, is wildly popular—so popular in fact that he made a book featuring 150 of his most crafty skulls.

Only $10.17 at


Anatomical Pins

Probably some of the most anatomically accurate and colorful human anatomy pins I’ve ever seen.  They also come in zipper pulls if you’re not the pin-adorning type.  Spotted by Eric.

$10-$12 at Wm Spear Design


Up in Them Guts T-Shirt

Definitely need some guts to wear a shirt like this (corny, yes).  Illustrated by fine artist, Rob Dobi. Only 100 available.

$10 at Rob Dobi’s online shop.


Anatomical Charts by Jason Freeny

I’ve posted Jason’s work many times on Street Anatomy.  He takes simple icons from our childhood, like gummy bears, balloon animals, and legos, and showcases their surprisingly intricate anatomy.

13″ x 16″ ultrachrome prints.  Printed on 100% cotton rag acid free fine art paper.  All prints come signed and embossed.

$59.00 at the Moist Production Shop.


8.  Death & Life Series Longboad Decks

Travis Bedel creates beautifully composed collages using anatomical illustrations and other ephemera.  They come printed on skateboard decks so you can either ride them or hang them on the wall.

$70 at


9.  Anatomical Brain Illustration Wall Sconce

Designed and handmade by Christopher Elsasser, these anatomically themed wall sconces and lightboxes would make a unique addition to any room or hallway.

$195.00 at




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