Baby Head Bowl

“It’s an upside down baby head bowl!
(This can be used as a large cup or a small bowl.)
This handmade bowl is low fire white clay with a food safe glaze, which means the bowl is made to be used.
The outside has a clear glaze over white clay. The inside has an orange glaze under a red glaze.
This cup stands 3 1/2″ high and has a 4″ diameter.
Fun conversation piece plus it’s functional!”

I’m not sure sure I would have the appetite eat anything out of that. Drink a Bloody Mary maybe, but only on halloween. Created by Susan Kniffen Davidson.



6 thoughts on “Baby Head Bowl”

  1. AMAZING piece of work! i love baby heads… and i love ceramics. the perfect combo!

    if you are interested in more info on tips, tricks, techniques and secrets used by the modern graffiti street art / stencil head. check out the following site for a bunch of DIY resources:

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