Anatomical Street Art in the Piazza di Spagna

Luca Maleonte head street anatomy 1

Luca Maleonte head street anatomy 2

Luca Maleonte head street anatomy 3

Anatomical work painted in the Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Fresh work from Italian street artist, Luca Maleonte. Luca is an incredibly skilled stencil artist whose stencils are so detailed and intricate—I’ve never seen anything like it before.

His recent work in the Piazza di Spagna in Rome showcases his enormous posters of an anatomical hand, a partial sagittal cross section of a head, and a heart.

Luca describes the work,

The works are made by me the brain, JB Rock (TTS) the heart, and Diamond (TTS) the hand, to explain and to show people what are the best and the only stuff that we need to do what we do.
Our “weapons” to express ourselves in the right way are only the brain the heart and, finally the hands, that must be linked together to produce something good in an artistical way. This is the concept, it’s simple but we don’t know anyone who have done this before.  The works are posters on paper pasted on wood panels, and directly painted in the street with acrylic paint, and spray cans.

See more of his street art and designs on his Flickr. Here are two more examples of his intricate stencil work.

Luca Maleonte skull

Luca Maleonte skull




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