The “Effects” of Corsetry

Effects of corsetry

This rad photo was taken by Demode on Flickr (it’s under the Antwerp album). Needless to say, it does not make me want to wear a corset.

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8 thoughts on “The “Effects” of Corsetry”

  1. just so you know the ribs are joined to the sternum by cartilage(that line you can see on the ribs running down the the front on either side of the sternum) this cartilage has no blood supply can be molded a bit. no damage is done to the ribs from wearing a corset, remember the ribs can move a fit from the movement of your lungs. and it used to be practice (for people with money and the rich and famous) to have their bottom two ribs removed to make corset wearing more comfortable. These aren’t pictured and aren’t actually attached to the sternum. I wear a corset daily and my waist is brought in by 6 inches, and there has been no permanent damage. you actually undergo waist training to get this slim waist. Gradually pulling yourself in to a slimmer waist over time, not just putting one on and pulling it in. You go in at 1-2 inch inratments so your body is used to it

  2. I think it’s a shame that we abandonned the corset. flat belly, big boobs and beautiful curves without any workout. nowadays we have silicon implants, liposuction, diet food and excessive workouts. I wonder what’s more healthier…

  3. That’s horrible, it gives her nothing to brace her spine with whatsoever!, this picture doesn’t even show hoe a corset shifts vital organs.

  4. Corsets are still hot. They don’t have to be restricting. Larger ladies will probably benefit the most because they have something to work with (boobs).

  5. Corseting definitely wasn’t healthy since it restricted breathing but there was a lot of exaggerating of the effects at the time by those trying to convince ladies not to wear the more extreme corsets.

  6. Was it really that dramatic? I’ve heard all that stuff about how it changed their organs and bones was an exaggeration. But still, wow! And cool image.

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