Kaiju Eiga

Attention all monster movie fanatics, Pink Tentacle has a great post displaying anatomical Kaiju Eiga drawings and posters!!! Kaiju Eiga is Japanese for “Monster Movie” and is the term used for just that, monster movies! The most famous of these Japanese monsters, or Kaiju, is Godzilla, of course. Other notables include: MothraAnguirusRodanGamera, and King Ghidorah and now you can see and learn all about their amazing abilities through these wonderfully creative anatomical drawings. Pink Tentacle offers up some nice explanations as to what exactly you are looking at in terms of fantastical organs.


[originally uploaded by modern_fred via Flickr]

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  1. shelby jordison

    hi my name is shelby jordison and im looking for crazzy difernt types of anatomy couse i want to study it for my art and i was wondering if you could email me the crazzyest stuff with differant textures. i would greatly apretiat it thank you for your time

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