Fresh Anatomical Ink

Jason Headrick sent me this photo of his new heart tattoo. He tells me that he actually got the inspiration to do an anatomical heart from the anatomy tattoo pictures off of Street Anatomy!

Skeleton sketch submitted by Katie Gould. Love the drop shadow and sketchy lines; brings a lot of energy to the tattoo.

David Valerio just got this tattoo a month ago as a huge motivator to stay in school and earn his degree in Biology. Nothing says commitment like a tattoo.



4 thoughts on “Fresh Anatomical Ink”

  1. normalityrelief

    I agree with the majority of the commentators: the drop shadow on the first skeleton is wonderfully individualistic. I wish I could comment on Ben’s thoughts, but I’ve no idea what he’s referring to 🙁

  2. Unlikely that anyone will know it’s wrong, but the first tattoo should be “musica est mea domina” or “musica est domina mea” for emphasis.

  3. thanks the shadow was actually the tattoo artists idea, travis at in the blood tattoo carson street in pittsburgh, awesome people there check it out if ur ever in the area

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