This life size dental mannequin is actually used by dental students for teaching and practicing.

It’s a bit intense—kinda like Robocop.

[via Radio Guy, whose site is full of random medical devices.]



5 thoughts on “Robo-Tooth”

  1. Wow, these are cool. I can think of a variety of different art projects they would be great for. Are there other dental marketing products that schools receive and might become outdated? Is that why they get rid of them?
    Okay, off to dumpster dive at the local dental school…

  2. Thomas – I had no idea that you could just pick these up out of the trash. I’ll have to keep my eye out when the dental schools around Chicago have their spring cleaning.

    Sheila – You should take a picture of your dummy, I’ll have to post a version with the rubbery face!

  3. I’m a dental student, and I love my dummy! Don’t forget . . . they have a rubbery “face” that you pull over the mechanics.

    These models help us with everything from remembering to turn the handpiece off before removing it from the patient’s mouth to addressing patients properly – like the many times I pause during my procedure to see my neighbor ask his dummy to “please turn your head to the left Mr. Dexter.” They also help with things like “technique” and “skill.” đŸ˜€

  4. You can also collect them from schools of odontology who throw them out — se the third pic in this post:


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