A recent stream of tattoos to add to the Anatomy Tattoo Gallery. Thanks for the submissions!

Recently submitted ripped skin ink by Sebastian Rudat.

Submitted by Suren. Here’s the fun story behind his tattoo—

It started as joke with a friend in class, we said we should get regular heart tattoos with blank ribbons on it so we can put whoever’s name we wanted in it. So as I thought about it more, I really loved the idea and concept behind it. I chose an anatomical rendering of the heart because it beats out a plain old traditional heart, the details the vessels and everything was very intriguing. The blank ribbon is more of a statement and a mockery of the traditional tattoo. I wanted people to know that it was a bit foolish to tattoo another persons name especially if they’re not family, hence the blank ribbon. The anatomical heart itself is mocking the traditional tattoo, because indeed it is a real heart and not a valentines day chocolate box. More than a statement the tattoo has a fun spin to it. I can sharpie or pen in anyone or anything I want inside of it, whenever I want. No regrets, and that’s the fun part to the tattoo. All in all, I’m happy with my first tattoo.

I should have asked Suren to write Street Anatomy in the ribbon and then take a picture!

Illustration © Karen Bucher, inking done by Ben Wahh from Deluxe Tattoo.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me if I know any medical illustrators who do tattoo commissions.  I never really had an answer until I attended the annual Association of Medical Illustrators conference back in July.  To my amazement, I saw this tattoo submitted to the Salon (a showcase/competition of student and professional medical illustration work).  The artist, Karen Bucher, was asked to do this tattoo by a complete stranger.  She obliged and it ended up turning out really well.

If you’re interested in getting an anatomical tattoo and want it done accurately, try commissioning a medical illustrator.

If you’d like to submit your own anatomy tattoo, send a jpeg that’s at least 500px wide and a short explanation to vanessa@streetanatomy.com and I’ll post it in the tattoo gallery.