Delicate Wool Organs

Sarah Illenberger Wool Organs Brain

Sarah Illenberger Wool Organs Heart

Sarah Illenberger Wool Organs Intestines

Sarah Hillenberger uses a variety of media to create her beautiful pieces of art.  Here she uses delicate wool to knit a brain, a heart, and the intestines.  They look so soft and fragile like they would break apart from the slightest touch.

[submitted by Heather]



9 thoughts on “Delicate Wool Organs”

  1. Thanks for the link knittista. Looks like Sarah did a fine job following the pattern and putting her own artistic touch to it.

  2. Wow, I never knew you could make those designs with simple wool. THey look pretty cool it must have taken a long time however to make them. You will never see me sitting down and doing that it be too hard for me.

  3. carol- do you have a link to the pattern that was published on the Internet a year ago? I don’t knit so this question maybe be my naivety speaking, but is it wrong to copy a pattern and make it your own?

  4. carol labranche

    Not an oriiginal pattern…the entire digestive system was published on the internet over a year ago, she is just doing the intestine part. give credit where credit is due.

  5. Soft and nice, yes – but fragile? Wool things don’t break, do they? Unless you put them in the freezer first 🙂

  6. think this is what babies’ organs look like…
    how do they get washed? by hand, cold water?
    wish i could do that with my insides sometmes, make them soft and fresh clean again.

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