Stop Consuming Your Body

ADESF Stop Consuming Your Body - Stomach

ADESF Stop Consuming Your Body - Heart

ADESF Stop Consuming Your Body - Lungs

“Stop Consuming Your Body”

Advertising Agency: NeogamaBBH, Brazil
Art Director: Sidney Araújo
Copywriter: Alexandre Gama

Cool concept, but I wonder, are these type of ads even effective on smokers?

5 thoughts on “Stop Consuming Your Body”

  1. Niall ‚Äì some of the photos on those cigarette packs are disturbing. Do you happen to know if that has affected the smoking rate in New Zealand? I don’t smoke, but if I did, I know that I would be embarrassed to pull out a pack of smokes with a picture of rotting gums on it in front of someone.

  2. They’re clever and eye-catching designs – but (in my personal opinion) not really “hard-hitting”. The cigarette packets sold here (NZ) have pictures of pathology caused by smoking (lesions, vascular path, blindness, etc) on them; plus TV advertising that interviews people suffering from such pathology. Nothing quite like seeing a gangrenous foot on a packet of cigarettes to put you off smoking….

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