One Mighty Little Torso

I recently stumbled upon Kikkerland’s Human 3D Human Torso Anatomic Puzzle while on a jaunt through my local art store and, being the anatomic nerd that I am, just had to buy it.

I had seen the Kikkerland anatomy toys featured on one of my favorite design sites, NOTCOT, a while back. Kikkerland is an interesting little company that specializes in finding well designed, smart, useful products that range from kitchen gadgets to, well, anatomy toys.

This little guy stands a mighty 5 inches tall and comes in 32 pieces. The only problem with the toy is that while it says that it’s a 3D anatomy puzzle, it already comes half assembled in the package!

All that’s left to do is pop on the head, put in the lungs, heart, some guts, and you’re basically done. I just think it’s funny considering that in the little pamphlet that comes with the puzzle, it says that one of its purposes is to “Educate and challenge the mind while providing hours of entertainment for the entire family.” I definitely had minutes of enjoyment putting it together.

But seriously, it is a nicely designed model that would make a cool gift for anyone interested in anatomy. My little torso stands proudly on my desk at work now.

The other models in the anatomy series include the Anatomic Eyeball and the Anatomic Muscle Man.



4 thoughts on “One Mighty Little Torso”

  1. I’m a total nerd and got the eye and muscle man…now I want the torso too! Not too expensive for what you get…

  2. This thing is everywhere I look! All my classmates (med) seem to have one somewhere.. on TV, on desks, in the kitchen…

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