June 2008

Stop Consuming Your Body

“Stop Consuming Your Body” Advertising Agency: NeogamaBBH, Brazil Art Director: Sidney Araújo Copywriter: Alexandre Gama Cool concept, but I wonder, are these type of ads even effective on smokers?

Follow your Heart

When someone submits a tattoo for the Anatomy Tattoo Gallery I usually ask them for a brief explanation of the tattoo. It’s one think to just look at a tattoo and admire the art, but it’s knowing the meaning of… Read More »Follow your Heart

Colorful Wool Skulls of Ben Cove

Love Ben’s color combinations. See more of his work here. [via Who Killed Bambi] Thanks again to Heather for the link, she’s going to become an official Street Anatomy contributor pretty soon!    

Disco Skull is in the House

Boys Noize album cover Oi Oi Oi

Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of Boys Noize before, but I do love the disco skull on the cover of their album, Oi Oi Oi. Very Damien Hirst, sans the million dollar price tag.

The Hand Tools

Industrial designer, Paul Julius Martus, designed these one-of-a-kind hand tools. Wouldn’t want to mess with that mallet!