LEGO my Heart


Anatomy meets LEGO in Nathan Sawaya’s latest piece entitled, Heartfelt. I had seen Nathan’s work before when he was a guest on the Colbert Report and I secretly hoped that he would do an anatomical piece out of LEGOs. So imagine my excitement when one of my readers sent me the link to this heart! Thanks Laura.

Nathan is a freelance artist who found his calling using LEGO as an art medium. His studio in New York is filled with approximately 1.5 million LEGO pieces. It would have been a dream of mine as a child to have access to that many LEGO pieces!

Nathan built this anatomically correct heart for the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. He says, “A piece like this is a great tool to help doctors talk to young patients about their own hearts. Hopefully kids will relate to a heart built from a medium that they are familiar with.”

Next up, LEGO stomach, liver, pancreas, lungs, or brain??

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  1. Could be handy if I ever need a transplant, although they’ll need to make it smaller 🙂

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