The X-Ray Photographers

Adobe packaging

Are you familiar with the images on the Adobe CS2 boxes?

Have you ever wondered how they were created or who made them?

I always thought they were created through the magic of a master Photoshoper or Illustrator’er. But no.

The delicate images of feathers, leaves, flowers, and shells are actually x-rays created by one of the top x-ray photographers of our time, Nick Veasey.

Nick Veasey x-ray photography

But Nick Veasey isn’t the only x-ray photographer out there. There are actually quite a few people involved in the unique field. CultCase put together a fascinating post detailing the work of these x-ray photographers from the past to the present.

See it here >> X-Ray Photography as Art: Hidden Faces of The Inner Space

Thanks to one of my readers for sending me the link!



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  1. If you ever get to the Radiology Academy at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital take a look at the image on the wall by the stairs. It is amazing. It is made up of digital radiographs of everyday objects. They have all been put together to form a person. Half the fun is figuring out what the objects are. I think it was done by a radiographer who works at the N&N and I am sorry to say I can’t remember his name and I haven’t a picture.

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