I anatomically heart you by Leonore

I’ve received an enormous response so far to the new Anatomical Street Art Gallery. It’s even been featured on one of my favorite blogs, the Wooster Collective, which houses a collection of the best street art from around the world.

I’ve also received numerous submissions from my readers. I’m happy to say that there is a lot more anatomically themed street art out there than I previously thought! Thank you to everyone that submitted photos. I’ll be updating the gallery periodically so feel free to send more along.

Check out a sample of the new additions to the Anatomy Street Art Gallery below. Head over to the gallery to see the others. Enjoy!

Wall of hearts
by Husk

Skeleton via GeorgeCurious
via GeorgeCurious

Gut money via Christa Donner
via Christa Donner

Brain poster by Leo
by Léonore Dupanloup from Geneva, Swizerland.

Huge heart via Orticanoodles
via orticanoodles