Anatomy of Kissing in Madonna’s New Music Video

Madonna’s 4 Minutes music video

Talk about random. Madonna’s new music video for her latest release titled “4 Minutes,” is a montage of her and Justin Timberlake dancing, crawling over cars, and skipping through grocery store aisles.

But what caught my attention were the 4 seconds showing the anatomical cross section of a couple kissing. It’s really quite interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen a cross section animated like this before. And whoever created it did a good job of making it look seamless. Too bad it only lasts 4 seconds.

The scene comes at 1:14.

Reminds me of the work by Koen Hauser. For some reason he took this work off of his portfolio site, but I was able to find this image floating around the Internet.

Koen Hauser

8 thoughts on “Anatomy of Kissing in Madonna’s New Music Video”

  1. Hi Tim – It seems to work for me still. Try going to this link . It’s from Madonna’s Official YouTube site…yes she has her own YouTube site.

  2. Vanessa –
    The YouTube link says that the video was removed… Drats, it looks like an interesting video. TF

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