200,000 Packs of Cigarettes

Chris Jordan 'Skull with Cigarette' 2007

Skull With Cigarette, 2007 [based on a painting by Van Gogh] 72×98″

Chris Jordan 'Skull with Cigarette.' 007

Chris Jordan 'Skull with Cigarette' 2007

Chris Jordan 'Skull with Cigarette' 2007

That’s how many cigarette packs artist Chris Jordan used to make his latest work, “Skull with Cigarette.”

It’s also equal to the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoking every 6 months.

This piece is part of Jordan’s photographic series entitled Running the Numbers: an American Self-Portrait visually examines the vast and bizarre measures of our society, in large intricately detailed prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs.

See his portfolio to look at other stunning statistical visualizations.

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7 thoughts on “200,000 Packs of Cigarettes”

  1. Wow, recreating a piece that van Gogh already created with some stupid digital images really takes a lot of talent. Good job, kewl masterpiece, dipshit.

  2. This seems to be done digitally, since all those images of the packs are exactly the same without any variation between them. If it was an actual physical piece then I’m sure we’d see a picture of it from an angle or with a person nearby to illustrate size.

  3. Ha, I doubt that he bought all those packs. I tried to look for an explanation on how he composes these pieces. It seems like he might have built the piece as a grid of photographs of maybe a hundred packs composed in different ways. Anyone happen to know how he made this?

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