It’s been a while since I updated the popular Anatomy Tattoo Galley, so I wanted to share some of the tattoos submitted by the readers of Street Anatomy.

I added these to the gallery so if you like them and haven’t seen the rest of the gallery, head on over and check out all of the amazing anatomical tattoos!

Foot Anatomy Tattoo submitted by Mark

This tattoo was recently submitted by Mark Pultz. He’s a general surgery resident in Costa Rica and has always wanted a tattoo. Mark loves anatomy and after stumbling across my blog post on anatomical tattoos he was inspired to get some anatomical ink. He says “I saw the incredible tattoo of the arm musculature and that made me decide I wanted an anatomical tattoo.” So he took his Netter Atlas to the tattoo artist and decided on the anatomical structures that lay just beneath the skin of his left foot. Thanks Mark.

Skeletal back tattoo

Skeletal back tattoo

Josh Zimmerman submitted his life size skeletal back tattoo.

Clavicle tattoo

Kat sent me this photo of her clavicle tattoos. She’s a Surgical Technologist in the OR and is looking to specialize in orthopedics. So, why the clavicles?

I love bones and the skeletal system. The clavicles have many fun facts, too. It’s a neat little bone. A lot of people ask me if I’m going to expand on the skeleton, and I tell them no, just the clavicles. They are the only bone I find special enough to be visible outside the body!

Brody back tattoo

Snapped this one in Palm Springs, CA.  It’s unfinished but will look fantastic once it’s done.  Thanks Brody for letting me take the pic!

Have an anatomical tattoo or know someone who does? Send me a pic and a description of the tat and I’ll add it to the gallery.