Apumanque Bikes’ Anatomical Ads

“Tu y tu moto seran un solo. Apumanque regala la moto ideal para el estudiante.”

“You and your bike will become one
Apumanque gives away the ideal bike for students.”

Cool concept, although I think the illustrations look a bit stiff. I want to see the riders more engaged with the bike, like up off the seat or doing a trick . It’s one of those things where so much time was probably spent illustrating the anatomy, that the overall design and feel of the ad got snubbed. Anyone agree? Disagree?

Advertising Agency: Espinaca, Chile
Creative Director: Camilo Pérez
Copywriter: Jorge Samur
Art Director: Flinders Cabrera
Retoucher: Bside

[via Ads of the World]



2 thoughts on “Apumanque Bikes’ Anatomical Ads”

  1. I like the stiffness; I think it adds to the piece. Any sort of trickiness on the part of the rider would detract from the overall concept.

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