April 2008

The Most Anatomically Correct Shoes Ever Made for your Feet

Interesting article in the New York Magazine entitled, “You Walk Wrong,” on how we’re all taking an evolutionary step backward by wearing shoes. Last year, researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, published a study titled “Shod Versus Unshod: The Emergence of Forefoot Pathology in Modern… Read More »The Most Anatomically Correct Shoes Ever Made for your Feet

200,000 Packs of Cigarettes

That’s how many cigarette packs artist Chris Jordan used to make his latest work, “Skull with Cigarette.” It’s also equal to the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoking every 6 months. This piece is part of Jordan’s photographic series entitled Running the Numbers: an American Self-Portrait visually examines… Read More »200,000 Packs of Cigarettes

New Anatomy Tattoos

It’s been a while since I updated the popular Anatomy Tattoo Galley, so I wanted to share some of the tattoos submitted by the readers of Street Anatomy. I added these to the gallery so if you like them and haven’t seen the rest of the gallery, head on over… Read More »New Anatomy Tattoos