Introducing Revealed: a new blog on scientific and medical illustration

I’m proud to introduce a new blog that recently joined our tiny medical illustration blog community. It’s called Revealed: a blog about scientific and medical illustration and all that’s involved. The author is Janet Chao, a first year graduate student in UIC’s Biomedical Visualization program.

Janet’s inspiration to start a blog came two years ago when she first entered scientific illustration. The fact that she “just couldn’t find any websites where people actually talk and share experiences about being a science illustrator,” was disappointing. She goes on to say,

I chose the title “Revealed” because sometimes it just seems like no one knows who scientific and medical illustrators are, what we do, and how we think. I keep getting the same questions, and I can never forget people’s faces when they find out that I’m in school for “medical illustration” instead of “medicine.” I feel like they’re disappointed that I’m not going to graduate and save lives every day. I hope, through this blog, that I can begin to “reveal” who we are by sharing ideas and techniques about projects, getting feedback from people, sharing other people’s works, and in general just starting a community with people who are passionate about scientific and medical illustrations.

Janet’s reason to start Revealed is exactly the same reason I had for starting Street Anatomy. My experience so far has been that people are genuinely interested in how art integrates with medicine and science, but they’re not always aware of the people behind it.

Janet’s blog looks very promising. I look forward to seeing it grow and to see her expand our online community!

Start off by checking out some of these interesting posts from Revealed.

You can also take a look at Janet’s illustration portfolio at Illustration IDeAS.



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