Teddy Skulls, Morbidly Cute?

Even teddy bears have skeletal anatomy that is just as cute.

Wool sculptor, Stephanie Metz, created these soft felty skeletons. Her interest lies in,

A pseudo-scientific study of the morphology of skulls: the form and structures that differentiate one breed from another and give a sense of the story of the individual. My approach is to research, document, present, and interpret evidence in a formal manner. My subject species is the teddy bear: a creature made by humans (and made ‘alive’ by imagination) whose morphological history is tied to social trends. My idea of ‘logical’ evidence (a stuffed animal would have a skull made of felt) becomes an emotionally loaded image that brings up a wide range of responses and proves to be ripe for further exploration.

Wonderfully creative.  I wonder if Stephanie will consider doing the rest of the teddy bear skeleton?

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7 thoughts on “Teddy Skulls, Morbidly Cute?”

  1. I dont know if this works for me. Teddy bears are so cuddly and cute and my memories with them are very innocent.

  2. Catering By Joseph

    Love the site! Nothing like cute animals to get me through the day lol. I am going to add your feed to my google reader. Hopefully you update regularaly. Thanks!

  3. wow. those are cute!! at first i was like wtf, then i was like. awww, thye r fuzzy! lol

  4. These are very interesting… seems to me that including the Mickey Mouse type ears as skeletal elements is an important feature to the cuteness of these sculptures. Great work!


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