Banana Not Included: Puma’s x-ray inspired package design

Puma Bodywear package design

It looks like x-rays are the newest design trend in advertising this season. We’ve seen them used in domestic abuse ads, Levi’s jean ads, and now Puma is using them creatively on their package design for their new line of “bodywear.”

Short Sleeve Shirt Six Pack Not Included

Padded Bra Melons Not Included

Low Rise Pants Fig Leaf Not Included

Low Rise Shorts Banana Not Included

Created by London based studio, GBH Design Ltd, the design made it onto the “shortlist” for brand packaging during the 2008 Design Week Awards in London this month.



5 thoughts on “Banana Not Included: Puma’s x-ray inspired package design”

  1. They didn’t exactly do their research; they used the exact same skeleton for the male and female. The female’s pelvis should be larger in the center.

    Just sayin’.

  2. I’m sure that male model has at least an eight pack!
    I love the radiographs you have on this site, espcially the real ones. My diagnostic radiographer colleagues tell me that they are oh so realistic.

  3. I agree that the fig leaf doesn’t really flow with the rest of them. They should have place a UPS package there and said “Package not Included” if it’s a male x-ray.

  4. THEIR METAPHOR FAILED. I mean, “look, at his six pack!” or, “Look at those melons, wow!” are one thing (ie, dumb euphemisms). And then, banana and leaf? What happened there?

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