Powerful Domestic Violence Awareness Ads

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Look closely.  Subtle yet powerful.

city of hope arm city of hope hand city of hope foot



He gave me this for my birthday.
He gave me this for nothing at all.
There’s no excuse for domestic violence. Talk to someone who cares. City of Hope.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD Abu Dhabi, UAE
Creative Director: Martin Lever
Art Director / Illustrator: Sherif Galal
Copywriters: Martin Lever, Farrukh Naeem
Published: February 2008

When I first glanced at these I thought they were just another ad for a diamond store like De Beers or Zales. Then I looked closer and noticed the small print and the slight breaks in the bones.

I think this is a very elegant solution to the very sensitive issue of domestic abuse. Using an x-ray captures the fact that even though everything may appear fine on the outside, there can be painful damage present underneath. And it’s only a matter of time before it’s exposed.

Excellent execution.

I only wish these were distributed worldwide.

[Via Ads of the World]

11 thoughts on “Powerful Domestic Violence Awareness Ads”

  1. This is an amazing idea. Unfortunately domestic violence keeps occurring. Perhaps if campaigns like this got more recognition and had a wider reach things would be different

  2. these images work well and not only are powerful but make u think about what is actually going on i hope to see more campaigns and adverts like this and hope they help as many people as they can

  3. Very nice, but funny how all the victims are women, and the violent ones are all men. Goes against lots of research showing that most victims of domestic violence are children, and most perpetrators are women… …What is it called when you publish something that creates a false and negative steriotype of a race or sex? Hunting for a word here…

  4. Very very powerful ads. They are really clever. Thank you for sharing these. There is absolutely no excuse for domestic abuse.

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