A Skeletal Study of Typography by Bjorn Johansson

Bjorn Johansson Typeface Anatomy R
Bjorn Johansson Typeface Anatomy O
Bjorn Johansson Typeface Anatomy D

Great work by Stockholm-based graphic designer and illustrator, Bjorn Johansson.

The work is playing with the word “anatomy” which in typographic terms is referring to the different parts of a character.

Would love to see the entire alphabet done.

12 thoughts on “A Skeletal Study of Typography by Bjorn Johansson”

  1. hey guys.
    am a student of graphic design final year. i am designing a typeface for my thesis, can any typographer take a look at my process work and give me your feedback about it so that i can improve my work.
    it will be a great favor for me.

  2. I’m glad everyone likes Johansson’s work, he has a fantastic portfolio overall. He’s definitely one of my new favorite designers!

  3. I like very much those illustrations, are really wonderful.I’ve seen more on the Johansson web, they are very cool!!

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