Thieme Releases Winking Skull: another free anatomy study aid

Theime winking skull sample

Thieme (pronounced tee-ma) is one of the top scientific and medical publishers in the world. They’re known for their beautiful and elegant medical illustrations done primarily by illustrator Karl Wesker. It took a total of 8 years to complete the entire Thieme Atlas consisting of three textbooks and over 3,000 illustrations. Now those illustrations are available for free online in their new interactive study aid called Winking Skull.

You simply have to register for the site to start using it. By registering, you can compare your test scores to other users and even win “cool gifts.”

After registering and playing around with the Winking Skill for a bit, here’s what I found.

Some of the good features about the study aid include:

  • Ability to turn on and off labels as you study
  • Timed tests
  • Large illustrations (e.g. 900px x 1000px!)
  • Ability to print the illustrations with or without labels
    • This is a great option for teachers and students to take the illustrations with them wherever they go.

Some of the negative aspects include:

  • Few illustrations available in each body region
    • Hopefully they will keep adding illustrations to each region over time
  • Poorly designed home page
    • For such a well designed print atlas, I was a bit dissapointed with their web design. They have some distracting Flash on the home page and it’s difficult to recognize where to begin the interactive. (Compare to the clean design of the Visible Body).

Overall this is going to be another great study aid for anatomy. This growing trend in free online study aids is going to fill a great need in anatomy education today. Combine the Winking Skull illustrations with the 3D model in the Visible Body and you’ve got a good overall study aid to help you cram for those difficult anatomy exams.



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