February 2008

Perfectly Sliced

Transected, originally uploaded by Surfactant. From the man who brought you the Explosive Hand comes another wincing radiograph of an “Accidental transection of the distal radius and ulna with a sliding miter saw. ” Notice how cleanly cut the radius… Read More »Perfectly Sliced

A Skeletal Study of Typography by Bjorn Johansson

Bjorn Johansson Typeface Anatomy R

Great work by Stockholm-based graphic designer and illustrator, Bjorn Johansson. The work is playing with the word “anatomy” which in typographic terms is referring to the different parts of a character. Would love to see the entire alphabet done.

What a Heart

Illustrating a heart seems to be the right of passage for all aspiring medical illustrators in graduate school. It’s a wonderful exercise in rendering form and achieving a sense of volume using light and shadow. It’s also good practice for… Read More »What a Heart