Inner Beauty?

BePerfect Beauty Wellness Clinic ad brain

BePerfect Beauty Wellness Clinic ad heart

“What is it they say about inner beauty?”

This ad campaign is for the BePerfect Beauty Wellness Clinics in Belgium.

The ad agency is Duval Guillaume Antwerp.

Not quite sure what these ads are trying to say.  Is it that inner beauty doesn’t exist?  Clearly the term isn’t ever taken literally. And they’re criticizing the two organs most critical to human life, the brain and the heart. Don’t mess with them. Their beauty is in their function.

I don’t think I would use these images to promote a beauty clinic. They’re probably a bit graphic to many people. Certainly doesn’t make me want to run and get a facial!




1 thought on “Inner Beauty?”

  1. I’m with you on that one. I’m not squeamish in the least, and I am fascinated by biology at any depth. But I’d be hard pressed to call beautiful these gooey quivering clinical clumps. Similarly, the function alone is little more than an abstract set of rules and processes with no more or less reality than geometry homework. To be truly beautiful to my eye, the A and the P have to be combined, something difficult to represent in a still photograph. The mesmerizing rhythms of physiology are distinctly four dimensional.

    Also, I find depressingly ironic that the image of the heart has its fat trimmed away. I thought the point was to display gore in all its detail and to love it nonetheless. Trimming the fat displays the agencies concession to superficiality and defeats the purpose they intended.

    Good try. Next!

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