Explosive Hand

explosive hand xray by surfacant

Hand trauma, originally uploaded by Surfactant.

“Young male was holding a homemade explosive device. The fuse of the device was lit, and the patient was unable to throw it away before it detonated.”

Powerful image.



21 thoughts on “Explosive Hand”

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  2. Some people sure have a sick sense of humor . Being too close to a large homemade rocket proved the point how dangerous low explosives can be. I am lucky to be alive. I was blown 15 feet and walked away. Could not hear for 3 hours. Not something to play with.

  3. Harsh. Those little suckers are powerful. Reminds me of the time I blew up my toilet with a tiny firecracker.

  4. Not sure how much you know about UK customs – Guy Fawkes Night is November 5th (anniversary of when he tried to blow up Parliament), kids make Guys out of old clothes stuffed with straw/paper/whatever, go round begging money for how great their Guy is (“Penny for the Guy” used to be the call, but even in my childhood it was more like sixpence for the Guy, and now it’s probably at least a ?Ǭ£ for the Guy) and burn them on bonfires (well it used to be like that when I was a kid back in the 50s, and Guys do still get burnt now occasionally).

    Lots of fireworks.

    Problem is of recent years young kids (age about 7 upwards I would guess, though mostly young teens) have been obtaining fireworks and setting them off in the streets, chucking them at each other, generally acting stupid with them… Every year we have safety stuff on the TV about using fireworks safely, but every year there are awful burn injuries. And fires, some of which result in fatalities.

    It would be good if this particular image was made into a poster for the UK pre-Nov 5th campaign to be careful!

    Best wishes from Liverpool

  5. that is funny as hell. he had to have his other hand up his ass scratching his brain to accomplish that one.

  6. He needed to be holding this hand a little closer to his head when it went off. Removing himself from the human the gene pool would have been nice. Idiot.

  7. That might give you better ball control….wider grip…..i mean….. if you were in the NBA.

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