Can X-ray’s Sell Jeans?

Levis xray female jeans ad

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Asia-Pacific, Singapore

Reconstructed is the new Fall/Winter 07 print campaign for Levi’s Copper Jeans. Much the same way Copper Jeans’ seams and pockets are held in place with metal rivets, broken bones can be reconstructed with metal pins and plates. The vintage x-ray treatment is a nod to Levi’s 154 year heritage, as well helping to showcase Copper’s product features in an interesting, new light.”

The images for the Asia-Pacific Levi’s Copper Jeans campaign are absolutely beautiful, but I think the overall concept is a bit forced. They’re trying to compare the strength of the metal rivets in the jeans to that of the metal used to hold bone fragments together, but we’re talking about two completely different materials here. If Levi’s used the same type of metal used to mend broken bones for the metal rivets in their jeans then maybe the juxtaposition can be justified. Otherwise just leave the metal in the bone out of the ad and focus on the rivets.

Do people even care about the rivets in their jeans? Selling jeans is about the look, the style, and the fit. Using an x-ray to convey these concepts is not going to cut it.

Big props to the ad agency for trying to use medical imagery though!



7 thoughts on “Can X-ray’s Sell Jeans?”

  1. I think you miss the point when you start to talk about same kind of material, etc. I see the rivets in line with with bones as suggesting the jeans are designed to FIT and SUPPORT the body at all the right points. The graphic is both clever and beautiful.

  2. It is about durability, strength and fit – metal comparison, look/style, well the images speak to that directly – hip, cool, arresting…and the fit, just look how the jeans mold to the bodies so beautifully. You missed it totally.

  3. 2 things.

    1. Levi’s marketing angle is to sell lifestyle atleast as much as quality product. The fact that this image is so visually stunning is obvious to me- I stumbled onto this page after seeing a thumbnail in an unrelated google image search. It’s memorable and alluring. It makes a memory impression which is what image based marketing is all about.

    2. To say it’s forced because the metal material isn’t the same doesn’t address the point that they imply here. There is consistency in the concept that both bones and denim can be attached with metal for strength.

    This image is badass.
    I wish cynicdesign had thought of that

  4. i agree with that, i think they should have put a surf board or a skateboard in the X-ray too.
    anyways i still like the pictures though.
    i wonder who the X-rays are from?

  5. Luca – thanks for the observation. I think it was the ad agency’s intention to compare the rivets in the jeans to the pins and screws holding bones together.

    Your interpretation seems to make much more sense though! Maybe they should have shown them holding skateboards or surf boards in the x-ray? They’re still awesome images.

  6. Are you sure it has anything to do with focusing on the rivets? I just thought that they tried to show how these ‘cool’ jeans are worn by cool people, like skater, surfers, and other people doing extreme sports, often injured and therefore carrying bone replacements and stuff. Since they’re all metal, they’re opaque to X-rays so they of course look the same under them.

    just my 2 cents.

    anyway, kudos for the blog. it’s one of my favorite weekly stopovers.

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