She’s a Medical Illustrator AND a Tattoo Artist

She’s Marie Sena.


Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Marie received her Master’s degree in Biomedical Communication from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Aside from doing the serious medical illustrations, she also does some fabulous fine art, which has gotten her a lot of attention. What I love about Marie’s work is that it’s very expressive and it often combines that 50s style pinup art with a bit of medical illustration. Very unique. According to her site, through her fine art she was able to complete a formal tattoo apprenticeship and now does custom tattooing. How cool! So if you’re looking for an anatomically correct tattoo, you can rely on Marie to do it right.

Be sure to visit Marie’s portfolio site for more



3 thoughts on “She’s a Medical Illustrator AND a Tattoo Artist”

  1. awe dude, i checked out her portfolio on her website and the picture she drew of the lady getting steroid needles in the neck has actually made me feel kinda dizzy and light headed. I never like that! WTF?

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