Lately I’ve been intrigued and excited by the amount of anatomical products out there, from t-shirts to tiny anatomical model toys. Yes kids, anatomy is cool.

Now, thanks to another one of my readers, I’ve been pointed to Paraphernalia (no longer an active website) a little studio in Manchester, UK producing handmade anatomical necklaces. The owner, Ms. Vanda, makes each necklace using vintage illustrations, printed and cut plastic, and silver-plated chains. The whole idea and the illustrations are fantastic!

Paraphernalia ear anatomy

Paraphernalia heart

Paraphernalia brain

The Anatomica collection features old anatomical drawings and woodcuts of a variety of organs and body parts. It was our first collection! Currently part of the collection are a Heart (pictured), a Brain, a Skull, a Cochlea, a Molar, and a Ribcage.

Her website is just lovely and she also has a variety of other necklaces available. Be sure to have a look!