Interlude: Medical Visual

Jim Stanis glomerulus

This is an illustration of a glomerulus, the main filter of the nephron in the kidney.

Medical illustrator, Jim Stanis, created this beautiful image using Photoshop. Jim is a recent graduate of UIC’s Biomedical Visualization program. This is a 2007 AMI Salon entry.


7 thoughts on “Interlude: Medical Visual”

  1. Steve Jarman, RN, BSN

    By far the best illustration of the glomerulus I’ve ever seen. Reconized it right away. Wish I had a copy of it way back when while I was tutoring anatomy.

    Steve Jarman
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Washington University School of Medicine.

  2. David Purnell, CMI

    Jim, BEAUTIFUL illustration of the glomerulus. Congratulations!
    In addition to its educative value, it’s simply beautiful art!

    David Purnell, M.A., CMI
    NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio
    P.O. Box 260
    Lonsdale, MN 55046

  3. Dr. Hedayatian,
    Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I just saw your comment today. if you would like to talk about this piece or anything else related please feel free to write me at:

    thanks for your interest!

  4. Dear Jim,
    I wanna thank you for your magnificient and incredible illusteration.

    I am an anatomy teacher and is reseaching on stem cells in UCLA.
    Please, accept my best regards and gratitudes for this work.
    I am an illustrophilic person and should be understood perfectly before teaching to others.

    It would be great if we could talk about the common subjects.
    Matthew Hedayatian.MD.

  5. looked like a weird worm thingy at first but then i recognized the afferent & efferent vessels..

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