Hurd Studios: At the top of medical animation

Medical animations are among the most difficult animations to produce.

Many beautifully rendered medical animations have been created in recent years with the evolving technology able to produce them. While these animations are entertaining and inspiring to look at, many fail to actually educate because they don’t tell an educational story. This becomes especially important when considering something completely conceptual, like cellular animation. An effective cellular animation engages the viewer, tells them exactly what is happening, and leaves them with a better understanding of a certain cellular process.

In fact, the most in demand medical animations are cellular animations and method of action animations (MOAs). Pharmaceutical companies have found the power of medical animations for marketing, educating physicians and patients, and of course selling their drugs. So who do the top pharmaceutical companies turn to when they need top notch medical animations? They go to Hurd Studios (now part of Wunderman Thompson).

The president of Hurd Studios, Jane Hurd, co-founded her medical animation firm in 1998. Located right on Fifth Avenue in New York, her firm has quickly grown to become one of the most highly respected firms in medical animation. They received two Awards of Excellence and a Silver Award from the RX Club, have been featured in Fortune Small Business Magazine and on CNN, and have created animations for all of the top-ten pharmaceutical companies as well as PBS and WebMD.

No matter who the audience is, Hurd Studios creates aesthetic, simple, effective, and above all educational medical animations. Just take a look at this animation on how cranberry juice prevents urinary tract infections (UTIs).

For those of you interested in going into medical illustration/animation, be sure to know the name Hurd Studios.