The Oscars for Healthcare Advertising

GSW Grace

Harrison and Star Genentech

Palin Walters Roche Trio Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc Iomedica King Pharmaceuticals XVIVO Avanir Hurd Studios Boehringer Ingelheim

It’s about that time again to give credit to those creative people working tirelessly to create advertising and marketing campaigns for the healthcare industry. Seeing as the top 13 drug companies (Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, etc.) spent nearly $13.8 billion in 2005 marketing prescription and OTC remedies, there had better be some amazing and clever ads created with at least a portion of that money.

The annual RX Club Awards is considered to be the Oscars of pharmaceutical product advertising and promotion. It honors work in print, electronic media, and video in the service of healthcare. The RX club “provides an independent forum for the worldwide healthcare advertising community to exchange ideas, showcase their best creative projects, and bring forth innovative ideas in the expanding healthcare market place, keeping the industry on the cutting edge.” The deadline for the competition this year is August 9th.

Whether you’re for pharmaceutical advertising or against it, you should still to give credit to or at least acknowledge the creative effort placed behind each pharmaceutical advertising campaign. And for those of you interested in pursuing medical illustration/animation, the pharmaceutical companies will always be among the top paying clients.

Here are a few of the winners of the 2006 RX Show. You can view the entire gallery at The RX Club.


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  1. Maggie – I really wish I could enjoy watching House, but the lead character bothers me so much that I can’t watch it. I do, however, love to watch the introduction to the show just to see all the cool medical imagery. I’m glad that they featured virtual colonoscopy though, just to make more people aware of the procedure.

  2. Caught a repeat of an episode of “House” yesterday, where they did a virtual colonoscopy on a woman who didn’t like to have “embarrasing” tests. I’d hoped it would feature a bit more, since after reading your blog I knew just a bit about it all.

    But she turned out to be a self-harm patient who also had anorexia nervosa and was dosing herself with Ipecac which messed up her liver so she had to have a transplant. (like you really need to know the plot of an ancient episode of “House”!)

    Best wishes from surprisingly warm and sunny Liverpool

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