Interlude: Medical Visual

Anatomical theater in Leiden 1610

Anatomical Theater in Leiden (1610)
Engraving by W. Swanenburg

Anatomical Theatre at Leiden was sold as a souvenir at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. The well-dressed men and women touring the dissection hall in this 1610 engraving by W. Swanenburg show that the upper classes of 17th-century Europe were interested in anatomy.” [via Yale]

The flags carried by the skeletons read “nascentes morimur” (to be born is to die), “mors ultima linea rerum” (death is the line that marks the end of all), “mors sceptra ligonibus aeqvat” (death wrenches from the hand the sceptre as well as the spade), “pulvis & umbra sumis” (we are dust and shadow).  [via The Art Bin]