Medical Illustration Tutorial

Mike de la Flor pen and ink

For those of you interested in pursuing medical illustration or simply want to do it as a hobby, this is a must-do tutorial by freelance medical illustrator, Mike de la Flor.

Mike “guides you step-by-step through the essential concepts of medical illustration. Here he reveals the fundamentals of digital pen and ink techniques in Illustrator.”

Knowing how to properly execute a pen and ink drawing is extremely important in medical illustration. While it may seem like pen and ink illustrations are simple line drawings, they are actually very intricate and must be planned properly. Of course, the computer makes it easier to make that pen and ink “look” and you can always erase your mistakes, which is difficult to do the traditional way. Medical illustrators take years to perfect their pen and ink techniques, so why not start now by trying the Anatomy Illustration¬†tutorial at Computer Arts!