Anatomy in Art: Literally

Nadine Jarvis Carbon Copies Nadine Jarvis Carbon Copies box

An alternative option for the deceased. Nadine Jarvis, a young product designer from London, believes that death is sorely neglected as a subject for design. She explores a new way to use the ash from cremations in her piece called, Carbon Copies,

Carbon Copies are pencils made from the carbon of human cremains. 240 pencils can be made from an average body of ash, a lifetime supply of pencils for those left behind.




7 thoughts on “Anatomy in Art: Literally”

  1. Where can I buy these pencils? Also, how on earth did they get hold of human ashes, i have been looking but with no success.

  2. Oh!
    It’s the PERFECT solution for people who chew on pencils!
    “Honey, stop gnawing on grandma and finish your homework.”

  3. Don’t see how you can make a pencil from “the ash from cremations”. They call it “ash” but the cremains are pulverized bones… not something that would make a good pencil core.

  4. Not to be disrespectful to the deceased but “going green” just seems so predictable… Is it really green? How much waste is produced in creating these pencils? Do you know? So, the point is, “going green” seems like such a knee jerk reaction when you really haven’t got a clue.

    I’m just sayin’…

  5. This is an interesting idea. I am sure that some people might find it a bit creepy. It is a great green idea though. Congrats to whoever though of it.

  6. That’s a very good idea actually. It would be a real step forward in the ‘going green’ direction, because it will allow us to recycle materials.

    Beautiful idea, go with it!

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