Speared through the eye with a metal chair leg

xray head chair leg

MELBOURNE – Surgeons have miraculously saved a teenager who was speared through an eye with a metal chair leg.

Shafique el-Fahkri, 19, was admitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital with the chair leg embedded about 10cm through his head to his neck, where it had partially severed an artery. He walked out of hospital on Friday, 19 days after being admitted, with no brain damage or loss of sight.

The horrific injury was sustained in a brawl in the city outside Metro nightclub in Bourke St. Fireman cut the chair away from Mr el-Fahkri’s head at the scene. Doctors told the Northcote teen’s father, Moses el-Fahkri, they were astonished the youth had survived.


[Article via Herald Sun]



4 thoughts on “Speared through the eye with a metal chair leg”

  1. I’m thinking that they digitally enhanced the chair leg in Photoshop to make it look well more like a chair leg. It probably would have been just as effective without enhancing it.

    I’ll never complain about having a paper cut again…

  2. This is an “enhanced” version of the x-ray? What do you think that means?

    The chair leg looks strange and not so much like a chair leg. Did they just paste that in there?

    In any case, horrifying!

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