Spotlight: Tsvetomir Georgiev

Tsvetomir Georgiev is an incredibly talented computer graphic artist. At 22 years old he is already an accomplished 3D character modeler at Masthead Studios in Bulgaria. He says that sculpting helped him develop his skills in 3D computer modeling.

Cvetomir Georgiev

Cvetomir Georgiev

Tsvetomir created these two striking anatomical images using 3D Studio Max, Z Brush, and Photoshop.

Of his work entitled “Autopsy: human embryo,” he says

Immediately when I saw Jan van Riemsdyk`s original I imagined it as 3d. Somehow I was reminded of where we come from, where it all starts. I knew that wouldn’t be accepted by everyone, but I did it. The result is evident – public showcase of such work is close to impossible. As much as I tried to steer it from that shallow gross feeling giving it a wax statue look it still is explicit.

Read more about Tsvetomir’s work in his interview with Culture3d.

I feel that the future of medical illustration lies in such dynamic images. These types of medical illustrations will be especially useful for learning anatomy through dissection in anatomy labs. They can be especially valuable to medical students. Photos of dissected cadavers aren’t always very clear and regular illustrations can’t always capture the colors and depth of the anatomy.

Medical illustrators often need to look outside of their field for inspiration. Tsveotmir’s work is a good example. He is not a medical illustrator and yet he is simply copying these classic medical images and transforming them into something more visually dynamic. He has improved upon the past and created a medical visual more relevant to today’s world. I hope to create such images for use in education.



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  1. Those are some really great illustrations! Check out powerful 3d anatomical software for life like reconstructions:

  2. Good lord, this is fantastic!!!

    I’ll link you up, but I’m afraid I will not be able to put up the second picture, don’t want to gross out who doesn’t appreciate.

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