The Inner Life Of A Cell by XVIVO

To give you an appreciation of where the field of medical illustration is headed, let me share with you this amazing animation created by XVIVO, a scientific animation company. It’s been given a lot of attention because of the way it was animated to create a more fluid, representative feel of what goes on inside of a cell. Frankly, it’s beautiful.

Inner Life of a Cell by XVIVO

Medical illustrators don’t just draw bones and muscles for textbooks. Now more than ever they are called upon to direct, edit, and produce their representation of how the body functions. We are the cinematographers of a documentary on the human body and we have to make it interesting. The human body is a beautiful and dynamic machine. So the same effort and passion that goes into making a car commercial for instance, should be put into making animations or illustrations of the human body. Say goodbye to the ball and stick representations, or Lego like lock and key diagrams and animations!

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  1. Ricardo MadGello

    You have to watch this all the way through to the last two script lines to be able to get this joke.

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