FACE OFF Skull-A-Day vs Street Anatomy Skull Appreciation Day 2013 curated by Noah Scalin and Vanessa Ruiz

Skull-A-Day and Street Anatomy have joined forces to bring together the greatest collection of skull art, to celebrate the 3rd Annual Skull Appreciation Day! The resulting exhibition of skull inspired art works co-curated by Noah Scalin and Vanessa Ruiz will be on view at the International Museum of Surgical Science, in Chicago May 31 – August 25, 2013.


FACE OFF: Skull-A-Day VS Street Anatomy
May 31 – August 25, 2013
Opening reception: Friday, May 31  5–9 PM
International Museum of Surgical Science
1524 N. Lake Shore Drive  Chicago, IL

Mike Egan
Tom French
Emilio Garcia
Ali Gulec
Joshua Harker
Nicholas Obery
Rx Skulls
Dan Springer
Rob Tarbell

Ali Gulec Rob Tarbell Joshua Harker skulls for FACE OFF 2013
Ali Gulec, Rob Tarbell, Joshua Harker

In addition to showing their existing work, each artist has been asked to complete a frontal view of a skull in their own style using a template we provided. These skulls will then be split apart (digitally) and combined with other artist’s skulls to create a dynamic and unique collection of skull art prints. Each skull will be comprised of the work of two different artists, one from Skull-A-Day and one from Street Anatomy. At the end of the exhibition the respective skull halves will be brought together allowing us to see each artist’s complete skull piece. To kick it off, Vanessa and Noah have created their own original mash-up for the show poster!

The show opens with a reception at the museum on Friday, May 31, 2013 from 5-9pm.

Past exhibitions

Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy Exhibition March 9-16, 2013 Chicago

Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy

Merging Contemporary Art with the Works of Pauline Lariviere

March 9–16th, 2013 
Opening Receptions: March 9th, 6–10 PM & March 10th, 12–4 PM

S3 Gallery 1907 N. Mendell, #4-H, Chicago, IL 60642
Curated by Phillip Schalekamp of S3 Gallery
& Vanessa Ruiz of Street Anatomy

Both science and technology have altered our traditional concept of the world to such an extent that what we see with our eyes alone can no longer satisfy our imagination.” – Pauline M. Lariviere, 1951

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Official Press Release

Danny Quirk, Alvaro Hidalgo, Billy Reynolds

Danny Quirk (work in progress), Alvaro Hidalgo – “Anatomy03 Quain”, Billy Reynolds -”Natural Processes”

Join us on Saturday, March 9 from 6–10 PM for the highly anticipated opening reception of Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy: Merging Contemporary Art with the Works of Pauline Lariviere. See how present-day artists are inspired to create anatomical art alongside Lariviere’s historical works.

In addition to rarely shown, original oil paintings and glass plates by Pauline Lariviere, this show will feature approximately 45 cutting-edge contemporary works in diverse media by 23 rising and established artists from across the U.S. and overseas, as well as anatomical-themed merchandise from Street AnatomyTransit Tees, and Denoyer Geppert. All art shown will be available for purchase. Enjoy music, wine, and h’orderves while exploring modern day medical illustration and artwork inspired by its beauty and history.


Street Anatomy Artists:
Alexandra Baker
pencil/Adobe Photoshop

Nicholas Baxter
oil on panel

Emily Evans 

Alvaro Hildago
mixed media

Vesna Jovanovic

Patcho Quinto 
pencil/Adobe Illustrator

Danny Quirk

Billy Reynolds
oil on linen

Stephen Shanabrook

Giselle Vitali
ink/watercolor/colored pencil


S3 Gallery Artists:
Sung Jang
hair on canvas

Whitney Johnson

Michael Koehler
sculpture/mixed media

Robyn Maitland
acrylic on canvas/glass

Geno Malusek

Nathan Mason

Emily Portugal 
Dan Price

Brandy Rinehart
sculpture/mixed media

Phillip Schalekamp
oil/mixed media

Andrew Svec



OBJECTIFY THIS: Female anatomy dissected and displayed

Curated by Vanessa Ruiz, Founder of Street Anatomy.

September 7–29, 2012 at Design Cloud Gallery, Chicago, IL
Opening event September 7th, 6–10p.m. with burlesque performances by Vaudezilla.

View photos from the opening night via Flicker and Facebook!  Read some wonderful feedback from the people who attended via Facebook (scroll down a bit on the page).  Read our recap of the show here.

OBJECTIFY THIS Female anatomy dissected and displayed gallery show poster September 7-29 Design Cloud Chicago

CHICAGO, August 7, 2012—Street Anatomy is proud to present OBJECTIFY THIS—a group exhibition of paintings and illustrations featuring the underlying anatomy of the female body. The exhibition is influenced by the female anatomical work of famed Spanish illustrator and painter, Fernando Vicente. His paintings, along with 8 other artists, will be exhibited at Chicago’s Design Cloud Gallery from September 7 through September 29, 2012.

Participating artists: Fernando Vicente, Jason Levesque, Cake, Michael Reedy, Danny Quirk, Emily Evans, Pole Ka, Tristan des Limbes, Amylin Loglisci.

OBJECTIFY THIS art teasers Jason Levesque Fernando Vicente Danny Quirk

“Historically, female anatomy has been represented by medical illustrations predominantly as a variation of the male form in terms of reproductive organs and surface anatomy. There are a multitude of societal, cultural, and religious reasons that have established this ideal, in addition to the fine line between female anatomy and eroticism,” says Vanessa Ruiz, founder of Street Anatomy and curator of the exhibition.  “This show will compel viewers to question the objectivity surrounding ‘female anatomy’ and define—or re-define—their own perceptions through the art, perspectives, literature, and live burlesque performances.”

The artwork will range from realistic representations of the female body in various states of anatomical undress to more stylized forms of anatomy.

“We are thrilled to exhibit OBJECTIFY THIS in September,” says Laura Elayne Miller, Artistic Director of Design Cloud Gallery. “Vanessa’s unique perspective on the role of anatomy in art and pop culture is unprecedented, while Street Anatomy—and the artists she champions—continue to challenge our ideas on the subject. Our goal is to host interdisciplinary gallery shows while showcasing extraordinary contemporary art, Ruiz’s show exemplifies this mission.”

OPENING NIGHT: Friday, September 7, 6–10 p.m.  Design Cloud will host a public event to mark the opening of the exhibition. It will include anatomically themed food, music, and live female burlesque performances from the famed Chicago burlesque production company, Vaudezilla.  Vanessa Ruiz, members of Street Anatomy, and artists in the show will be in attendance.



Street Anatomy Group Gallery Show

Street Anatomy Group Gallery Show

a group exhibition focusing on representations of human anatomy in contemporary art and pop culture

September 3 – December 19, 2010
International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, IL

The exhibition featured nine artists representative the anatomy in art movement:
David Foox, Emilio Garcia, Stephen J Shanabrook, Jason Freeny, Noah Scalin, CAKE, Robyn Roth, Heather Tompkins, Ryan Gerdes

Pieces from the show are available for purchase in our gallery store, store.streetanatomy.com!