Can-Opic Viscera Soda by Lucy Foakes+

London based artist Lucy Foakes brings a refreshing twist to the Ancient Egyptian use of Canopic Jars. Before today, I didn’t even know...

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A Cephalopod’s Anatomy Class+

Hine Mizushima and her friend, Yuko Higuchi, collaborated to create this diorama of a fantastical cephalopod anatomy class. Hine, a needle-felter and...

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Hannes Hummel’s Luxury Problems+

Cologne-based designer Hannes Hummel created this set of busts based on dub techno producer Andy Stott’s record titled, “Luxury Problems.”...

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Emilio Garcia’s Graphite Brain Heart+

Emilio Garcia never ceases to amaze me with his continuing iterations and mashups of, his now iconic, human brain sculptures....

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Bone If I’d – Surgical Screws as Art+

After suffering a terrible roller blading injury involving the insertion of surgical screws, what does one do with the screws...

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Anatomy of War+

The talented and prolific artist Noah Scalin just released a new project called the “Anatomy of War.” It features a...

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Home Is Where The Heart Is+

Fascinated with the iconic representation of a house, designer Koen Wilde decided to carve it out of wood. He then sent...

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Hine Mizushima’s Anatomical Heart Brooch+

Happy Valentine’s Day! Slow crafter, needle-felter, illustrator, and puppet stop-motion video artist (amazing job titles) Hine Mizushima created these quaint anatomical hearts....

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Hedi Xandt’s Bodilisk II+

We’ve been following the stunning sculptures of Hedi Xandt since last year when we posted an overview of his work. His...

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Simon Tourneboeuf – Arm Lamps, Clavicle Knives, and Beyond+

A longtime follower of Street Anatomy, French sculptor Simon Tourneboeuf recently shared his transformations of human anatomy into functional wooden sculptures....

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Krisztianna’s Eerily Exquisite Muertitas+

California based sculptor, Krisztianna, creates these eerily exquisite Day of the Dead inspired mounted female heads after coming home from...

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Studio Anatomie – Anatomical Plaster+

There’s something captivating about blank anatomical models. The blank form stripped of color, and therefore educational use, easily stands on its own...

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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki – Memento Mori+

Japanese artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki uses Japanese wood carving techniques to create giant sculptures from large blocks of camphor wood. Each sculpture impressively...

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Francesco Albano Deflating Human Sculptures+

   Italian artist Francesco Albano uses a combination of materials such as wax, latex and polyester to sculpt bodies that...

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BRAINADE! The Brain Grenade by Emilio Garcia+

BRAINADE! is the explosive new release by our lovely friend, Emilio Garcia, the Barcelona-based artist and designer responsible for the Jumping...

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