Medical Imaging

The Visible Human, Prisoner?+

My earlier post on the Pernkopf Anatomy Atlas discussed the ethical implications associated with the source of cadavers for use...

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Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge+

I recently mentioned in an earlier post that the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge is off and running. I’m highly...

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Showing the success of treatment or progression of disease through digital image morphing: potential medical application+

Warning: the following videos are graphic! Digital image morphing of a bite from a brown recluse spider, progressing from a...

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Virtual Autopsy: Run over by a steamboat+

In one of my last posts, I introduced the relatively new process of using MRI and CT scanning to perform...

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Speared through the eye with a metal chair leg+

MELBOURNE – Surgeons have miraculously saved a teenager who was speared through an eye with a metal chair leg. Shafique...

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Tracing the Bullet Wound: Virtual Autopsy+

CT and MRI scans are typically used for diagnostic purposes and there are numerous programs (e.g. Osirix) out there dedicated...

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Medical Cartoon+

Does anyone know who created this image?    

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X-Ray System Aims to Show Skeletal Movement in 3-D+

This seems too good to be true, but if they can make it happen, it’s going to be a huge...

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Molecular Visualization: PyMOL+

Dying to know what a topoisomerase looks like? Need to illustrate that p53 tumor suppressor initiating apoptosis? Then take a...

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Apple’s New iPhone: Medical Imaging Opportunities+

By now you’ve heard the hype surrounding the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone. While it won’t be available until June,...

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Let’s talk about what’s happening in the world of medical imaging, since it’s having such an impact on medical illustration....

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