Anatomy in Art

Anatomy in Art: Literally+

An alternative option for the deceased. Nadine Jarvis, a young product designer from London, believes that death is sorely neglected...

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Visualizing Statistics: what do 213,000 Vicodin pills look like?+

  This may not do with medical visualization directly, but it’s visualization nonetheless. We are bombarded with statistics everyday, whether...

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The Digital Manipulations of Koen Hauser+

Koen Hauser (1972) living and working in Amsterdam creates stunningly realistic digital photo manipulations as seen here in his Modische...

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Anatomical Studies of Cartoon Characters+

Have you ever wondered how Stewie from Family Guy can possibly support his gigantic head, or how Betty Boop is...

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Damien Hirst: Anatomical Representation+

This is going to be the first installment of the new Anatomy in Art Series on Street Anatomy. I’ll be...

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