Anatomy in Art


He Took His Skin Off For Me Film Release+

“The story of a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why it probably wasn’t the best...

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Kazha Imura – Pools of Sorrow+

Tokyo based illustrator, Kazha Imura, places her naked body at the center of each delicate piece for this series titled,...

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We Are All Human+

A campaign against racism by Ecuador-based digital compositor, David Vargas (COBA). We’re all the same underneath—except for natural anatomical variations and...

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Ken Tackett’s Quirky Anatomy+

   Texas based illustrator, Ken Tackett takes what looks to be a quick energetic sketch/concept and turns it into a...

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NYCHOS – Human Explosion+

Another explosive anatomical piece by my favorite street artist NYCHOS. Love those little flying kidneys. I just bought this print...

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NastPlast’s Unraveling Heads+

NastPlas, a creative duo based in Madrid, created this series of unraveling heads, titled “SINAIS.” NastPlas’s work combines digital art...

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Nunzio Paci – Arterial Roots+

Italian artist Nunzio Paci composes his paintings as if they were in a dissection atlas, adding scribbled notes and inserting surgical tool-clad...

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FFO Female Anatomical Art Nouveau+

Not much is known about the artist who goes by FFO Art other than he or she uses anatomy extensively in...

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Michiko Maruyama’s Daily Medical Doodles+

Michiko Maruyama is a medical student who turned studying into and artistic exercise. “At the end of each day, I...

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Aitch’s Rebellion Against Academic Anatomy+

In the 7 years of running Street Anatomy I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and reading about artists’ motivations...

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Krisztianna’s Eerily Exquisite Muertitas+

California based sculptor, Krisztianna, creates these eerily exquisite Day of the Dead inspired mounted female heads after coming home from...

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Michael Reedy’s 50/50+

Michael Reedy is one of our favorite anatomical artists we’ve been following for many years. A classically trained artist and...

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Anatomy Noir by CG TOKI+

We’ve featured the stunning work of Joon Lee (aka CG TOKI) before and are excited to show his latest piece...

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Tararchy – Bold Anatomy+

I spotted the sticker of woman’s face overlaid on a skull with pops of bright dripping color on a newspaper...

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Thadé – Anatomical Roots+

French artist Thadé intertwines human anatomy, nature, and religious elements through flowing, rootlike lines. View more of her work at Behance!  ...

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