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The Inner Workings of the Naga+

Mishu Warner‘s anatomy of a Naga, which are serpant dieties in Buddhist and Hindu Mythology. TheĀ  main image is the...

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Office Anatomy+

Just in case you wanted to be the biggest geek at your workplace, here is a bulk order of ear...

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Having a Tea Party?+

These handmade porcelain beauties are made by an artist who resides in Australia (check out the whole anatomical series). They...

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Volcom Stone Artist, Michael J. Zepeda, has a collection that is filled with human, animal skulls and skeletons, all of...

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Eating your Feelings?+

Of course, we at Street Anatomy know emotions are far more complex than the ol’ ticker can take credit for...

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A Very Fragile Heart+

This anatomical heart vase isn’t cheap, but I’d like to say it’s almost worth it. It is made from hand...

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The Beauty in the Beast+

Tom Gauld displays anatomy in monstrous proportions, and if this is a self-portrait, you’ve really got to admire his...

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Eagles of Death Metal – Heart On+

I don’t know about you, but this gives me a massive ‘heart on’. Eagles of Death Metal’s neat idea for...

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